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Bluetooth Helmet

Helmets are, without a doubt, the very important equipment when it comes to motorcycle riding. It protects the rider’s head in case of accidents and even from the sickening effects of bad weather. Many helmet manufacturers have developed their product, and one of the latest advanced features that you can find is the linked technology. They keep innovating their products to provide convenience to their customers. One of the hassles in being on the road is balancing between staying focused on riding or driving and attending to gadgets when there are notifications, calls, or even music. The distractions that these things have brought in many cases have resulted in accidents, and that is where the beauty of Bluetooth comes in.

Why you need one and which brands are the best?

Motorcycle Ear Buds

All these years, Bluetooth has made the wireless connection possible and successful. In the recent inclusion to helmets, it has allowed communication between close riders, and in some brands, it made riders be able to reach contacts who are quite far from them. So far, This guide on the best motorcycle earbuds is that the O’Neal Commander Bluetooth helmet.

This, and perhaps a few other manufacturers such as the Bilt Techno 2.0 Integrated Bluetooth motorcycle helmet and the ILM Integrated allows pairing with mobile phones enabling hands-free communication. It helps in taking calls, GPS navigation, and in listening to music while driving all in just a single touch of a button.

For a motorcycle driver to communicate with another, there is a chip with a particular antenna and software that will read through any signals detected. For as long as Bluetooth has been switched on, it can send signals to and receive signals from other active Bluetooth gadgets.

The question, though, is what if there will be interruptions with other nearby users and what about privacy? The solution is a password, which allows the connection only if that set password is correctly input.

You may worry that other Bluetooth users will be able to listen to your conversations or make use of your signal because of the wide network bandwidth, but the signals from a certain cap that limits a certain range hence blocking other users, especially if the connection is password-protected. Just like when you turn on your mobile phone’s WiFi connection without necessarily connecting to those that are nearby or available within a certain proximity, the Bluetooth on motorcycle helmets does the same. Its network will be discovered, but only those with access can connect or communicate with it.

Additionally, the signals that are brought about by these helmets are surprisingly strong that it can allow GPS connection for navigation purposes as well as being able to reach your favorite radio station.

It is the newer versions, however, that use more advanced innovation that does not just guarantee clear connection but also a great provision when it comes to power. This is especially important for long rides to distant destinations or for those times when you get stuck in traffic. Reviews have shared that it can be even possible to save up on power if you turn the Bluetooth connection off when you are not using it even if you get to use a sturdy type from a big brand.

What To Consider In Choosing Bluetooth Helmet?

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Before you read on the motorcycle ear buds brands. You need to consider what you need for a Bluetooth helmet.

Know its advantages and figure out if its uses are necessary for your consumption. Because these are primarily built for purposes of convenience in GPS handling, communication, and access to music, know which purpose you need most and find out which brand emphasizes the quality of a certain function.

  1. Do your research. Look for reliable and recent reviews on the internet as there will always be comparative write-ups which note the features of every brand. If there are shops in your location which sell these Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, then it would be best to take some time to familiarize what these helmets have in general and consult the specialists in each shop as to which brand or model will suit your needs (and budget as well, if that is a concern).
  2. Even before finalizing which brand and model to purchase, it is helpful to ask where you can have your helmet repaired or conditioned in the future and in which shops you can avail of its accessories. The more options you will be able to gather, the more convenient it will be.
  3. If you choose to purchase online, then choose official sellers and authorized distributors. We all know that the internet has a variety of scammers and false sellers which makes it best to choose only reliable sources.

Top 6 Brands

There is a wide array of brands, but the following are the best ones as rated by motorcycle-riding specialists:

  • BrandsFreedConn Modular Helmet with Built-in Bluetooth
  • O528B Origine Pilota ¾ Bluetooth Helmet with Blinc
  • Torc T14B Integrated Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet
  • IV2 936 Bluetooth Helmet Motorcycle with SENA SMH5
  • ILM Integrated Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet
  • Bilt Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet
  • and the best, which is the O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet.

The O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 and a signal reader with BLINC interface which makes it the best regarding performance as it is best regarding responsiveness. BLINC is designed to make Bluetooth “instinctive” by just a button touch which makes it easier for activating specific functions. It allows 10-hour communication with its standby for 130 hours and 120-feet range from one rider to another. Additionally, it weighs only 5.2 lbs.

Even though these brands are ranked and voted as the best by specialists, the motorcycle ear buds will variably depend on each motorcycle driver or enthusiast and his inclination to technology. Because there are specifications to consider such as Bluetooth range, the safety of use, weight, connectivity and access (calling, GPS, and music), it is wise to choose from the most reliable selections even though they’re limited.

Many PC makers are set to launch around 200 new products, which will be NVIDIA GeForce from the Intel Sandy Bridge early next year. Apparently, Sandy Bridge is the first processor that will include the integrated graphics processor that is directly embedded in his death, which is to help improve energy efficiency and overall performance of the device.

In other words, the first Sandy Bridge laptops will be coming up with quad-core parts, even without the presence of NVIDIA. These new laptops are expected in a wide range of notebook and desktop systems from leading PC manufacturers such as Acer, Alienware, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and other big names in the industry.

NVIDIA showed the world the power of computer graphics since 1999. And what’s more potential customer demand for continuous growth and development in the field of graphics processing power, more PC makers turn to NVIDIA GeForce GPUs to provide what they need, and that a higher level of performance.

Nvidia GeForce and Sandy Bridge

In comparison with the basic integrated with Sandy Bridge processors, GeForce GPUs provide more advanced features and comply with the latest PC Games that also are based on Microsoft DirectX 11. Not surprisingly, the demand for a separate graphics solutions continue to grow and remain healthy. In fact, according to Mercury Research, the shipment is expected to increase GPU doubled between 2009 and 2014.

Nvidia GeForce offers different features such as:

  • NVIDIA 3D Vision technology
  • PhysX physics engine and support
  • support CUDA architecture
  • NVIDIA Verde

Consumers will love notebook GeForce is not only due to the excellent performance, but also due to the type of experience provides a PC. All of his business partners, as well as some analysts, believe that most consumers have learned to love NVIDIA because most certainly increase in the PC and allows it to give an exceptional computing experience that is incomparable with the other GPU out there.

Of course, the total processing power of Intel and NVIDIA Sandy Bridge provide more customers with the blocks needed in creating a platform for PC games. Both NVIDIA and Intel seem to share the same passion, and that can provide PC technology, which attracts many artists and consumers there.

BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset

If you are looking for quality, state-of-the-art Bluetooth headset, look no further than the BlueAnt Q2. This hands-free device is one of the best in a market that is flooded with imitators. You will not be able to find this kind of quality in other Bluetooth headsets that are similar in makeup to the BlueAnt.

With patented Voice Isolation Technology, you get an earpiece that provides you with clarity that is the best in the industry. Even if you find yourself in a busy restaurant or caught in noisy highway traffic, you will have the ability to hear the person on the other line.

Voice Isolation Technology helps to drown outside noise that can be very detrimental to your conversation. When you consider that many of today’s top executives do lots of business with their vehicles through a Bluetooth headset, it is of the utmost importance that they be able to hear the other line well enough that they can make favorable decisions.

BlueAnt Q2

With other Bluetooth earpieces, it would be tough to decipher particular noises that are coming through your Bluetooth. With the BlueAnt Q2 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset, there is no debate as to what exactly is being said on the other end of your conversation, which can give you lots of confidence that your messages will be kept intact during your interviews.

Regarding total talk time, this device will be able to give you up to five hours of continuous conversation without going dead. This is one of the longest lasting earpieces on the market today, so you know that you will be getting your money’s worth out of the BlueAnt Q2.

Not only does it have one of the longer lasting talk times available, but it can also be in standby mode for up to 100 hours without needing to be recharged. Even if you forget to turn your headset off, you will have plenty of available battery to make the necessary calls the following day.

BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset

With people constantly upgrading their technology to become faster and more efficient, there is always the fear that an individual device will become obsolete within a year or two, at which time the next electronic gadget will have to be purchased. The beautiful aspect of the BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset is that it was manufactured to last you many years without having to worry about missing out on what other headsets can offer. This device will be the only one that you need for your everyday communication needs.

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