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Founder and Director of Research and Development wins the 2008 Purpose Prize.

Purpose Prize announced in USA TODAY

_______________________________________________________________________________ -The Full Belly Project named a 2008 TECH AWARDS LAUREATE by THE TECH MUSEUM OF INNOVATION

Exellent in-depth article in Miller-McCune Magazine

Full Belly Founder nominated as one of CNN HEROES


Saveur Magazine lists Full Belly Project as one of six notable food based charities for 2007, December, 2007

Agroinnovations Podcast Interview with Full Belly Project Executive Director, Jeff Rose, October 22, 2021

Popular Mechanics "Where are they Now?", October 10, 2021

Full Belly Project's at the First Annual International Development Design Summit (IDDS), August 8, 2021

Full Belly Project Benefits From Community Foundation

Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards Ceremony, October 6, 2021
The Full Belly Project most recently demonstrated the Pedal Powered Agricultural Center (PPAC) and the Universal Nut Sheller, (UNS) at the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards ceremony where Jock Brandis, the inventor was honored for the development of these labor saving devices and for their potential to positively change the world.

Click here to view photo's of the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough event.

Click here to read the Full Belly Project article in Business Week Magazine.

Article in November, 2006 issue of Popular Mechanics

Prime Time Peanuts via Satelite
Don't miss the upcoming documentary Peanuts on Link TV.

When film technician Jock Brandis discovered cotton being grown in traditionally food-bearing fields in a village in southern Mali, he decided to take action. He began developing a peanut-husking machine that would enable villagers to grow and harvest peanuts in place of cotton.

PEANUTS follows Jock and his set of fiberglass molds back to Mali, where he works with local villagers to perfect and manufacture the hand-operated peanut husker - the Malian Peanut/Groundnut Sheller. As word spreads about the invention, there are plans for thousands of the machines to be manufactured and used not only in Mali, but across the globe. PEANUTS shows a living example of the difference that one person, with good will and determination, can make in the lives of countless others.

For more information about the channel and air times, click here.