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Plantronics 478 Review

Plantronics 478

Plantronics 478 headset device contains a noise cancelling microphone that allows you to be heard loud and clear. The device has ear pads, made of foams which control the surrounding sounds and a perfect design which make it a portable and convenient internet calling solutions.The device has a party dimensions of 12 Oz plastic bowl which is lime green in color. Some sets come with the 9 or 7 inches plates that have a 12 Oz containers with a cup size of either 18, 12 or 9Oz with a matching cutlery included in the package. The headset comes in 16 different colors like lime green, pink, sunshine yellow, blue, orange and others.

Product Features.

  • It has to fold able design hence ease of portability
  • It is skype certified giving a better chatting experience
  • It has a noise canceling microphone
  • It has a digital signal processor that kills echo
  • You can receive and termite calls on the headset
  • It is designed for all usage- Has disposable products
  • It comes in very many colors.- It has integrated equalizer to balance audio.

The pros and cons of the Plantronics Headset Audio Stereo 478 USB headset.

Plantronics Headset Audio Stereo 478 USB headset


  • Plantronics 478 is solidly made and folds easily for ease of storage and portability.
  • The headset has a good design which makes it comfortable to wear over an extended period of time.
  • The USB cord is long enough about 6 feet long.
  • The on and off control are on the head set hence ease of control.
  • The boom of the microphone comes from the earpiece so you can adjust it from the right or left
  • The headset produces clear voices
  • The headset is made from very light materials, and so the lightweight provides a great feeling while wearing it.
  • It has the plug and plays performance since most operating systems recognize it right away, so there is no need of installing drivers.
  • It is quite affordable
  • The device has handy buttons for volume control and muting.
  • The headset is backed by a one year warranty
  • The ear pads are covered with soft foam that ensures comfortability during long talking sessions.
  • The design is good since it can be easily stored in your laptop bag while on travel or a suitcase.
  • The headphone has 48 kHz sample rate that makes sure of reproduction of sound a computers audio.
  • The 32 mm drivers help the headset to deliver crisp and high definition sounds- It is easy to operate.

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  • The cords are on both ears
  • The carrying bag is not hard for those traveling often
  • The USB cable could be a little bit longer
  • The device does not have a wireless headset
  • It is not very suitable for music production or gaming.
  • The earpieces can be significant for some people.

Plantronics Audio 478

Overall Review and Verdict

Plantronics 478 is quite good for people who use Skype or other chat software frequently since it is very comfortable to use. Many customers as the many customer’s reviews have rated this head set as the best in its range by most giving it a rate of 4 out of 5.

Bose Quiet Comfort 2

The first thing that makes these headphones so unique is the fact that it combines remarkable audio performance with the ability to block out ambient background noise. The first thought that occurs to you is likely how nice they’d be on an aeroplane when you’re travelling. And, although that is true, what I’ve found is that many people use them for environments that are much noisier than an aeroplane.

Many people use them while cutting the lawn with a riding mower or while working in a factory and are very happy with the results. Why? Because Bose uses wave technology to ‘cancel’ out the interfering noise while permitting fantastic sound definition of both bass and treble of the song/music/audio that you’re listening to. Another important thing to note is that they do not give you an overall ‘muffled’ sound that you might get with other noise cancelling headphones. This fact alone makes us rate the Bose Quiet Comfort 2 as the best noise cancelling headphones.

BOSE QuietComfort® 2

Bose uses an award winning technology to identify miscellaneous and background noise and reduces it electronically. They also use what they call “TriPort” technology which permits them to maximise audio performance in a minimum size. That is why they can manufacture these noise cancelling headphones using a compact and streamlined design.

This design, in turn, allows Bose to keep them lightweight (6.9 oz / 196 g including the cable) and comfortable. They are over the ear design, as opposed to being on the ear design. At first glance, you may think that the smaller, on the ear design, would be a ‘sleeker’ choice or even more comfortable, but the reality is that the over the ear design gives you more air space around your ear. This makes it more comfortable for its noise cancelling feature. The waves that eliminate the background noise are not aimed directly at your eardrum but within the airspace surrounding your ear.
This is one of the reasons I think that the Bose Quiet Comfort 2 is the best noise cancelling headphones currently on the market.

The audio cable is detachable and is a single wire, as opposed to a cable leading to both the left and right ears. The advantages are that you can remove the cable when you just want to enjoy the peace and eliminate all the background noise (like on a plane). Another benefit is that you don’t need to hassle with a tangled up cable, as you so often do with two wire cables.

These headphones also have a flat fold feature that makes them easy to store and takes up less space.

The bottom line is this: Why waste money on headphones that don’t compete with Bose’s sound quality and comfortable noise cancellation. You might think you’re getting the same thing for less money, but you aren’t. It is, definitely, definitely worth the money to get long lasting quality and be happy with what you buy. Unless you buy the best noise cancelling headphones, you won’t be satisfied with your purchase.

Workout Headphones

Nowadays, workout headphones are becoming favorite fashion items for many people. This kind of headphone is designed to be used when people are exercising. Listening music while exercising can be inspiring. Many people like its stylish design which makes them look so fresh and dazzling when they are exercising. Workout headphones are available any fashion store and electronic shop. It can be found easily, but the price can be different from one store to other.

Headphones are a pair of loudspeakers that are used close to the ear. It connects to any devices such as iPod, smart phones, I pad, and others device which has music media players. Headphone used to be such a device just to listen to music or radio.

As the time goes by, the point of view of people about headphone is changing. They consider that headphone is very cute as additional accessories to their style. There are extensive options of headphones such as DJ headphones, Funky headphones, Cool headphones, and what we are going to discuss here is workout headphones.

The excellences of using Workout Headphones

Best Sweat Resistant Workout Headphones

There will be some benefits for you if you use workout headphones in your daily life. Workout headphones are considered as an essential item for people have many sports activity such as cycling, running, walking, dancing, and any other sports or activities.

By using this kind of headphones, people will surely feel enjoyment while workout especially for those who love music and always take music as their soul. Anytime you are doing hard activities or sport; it will be fascinating for you since your favourite songs accompany you. The songs that are played can push and motivate you to workout more powerful. That is why it is important to have headphones which match up with your activities.

By wearing workout headphones every time you exercise can also make your performance becomes cooler. As what already said, headphones are becoming an important item of the fashion world.

The other important thing is that there is no worry about the headphones will fall on your ears when you are doing an activity and listening to the songs at the same time. Workout headphones have designed to solve this kind of condition. You will always feel comfortable every time you use this headphone.

Do and Don’t of Using Workout headphones

Several things need to consider about using workout headphones. Always ensure that you use workout headphone in appropriate place. Do not use headphone when you are in the middle of lecturing or meeting. This kind of behavior will ultimately distract your focus.

Using headphone in some places such as bank, hospital, and airport also need to be avoided. It is socially unacceptable because it can make trouble to the people around you. Except you can keep calm and did not make any movement of your body. It is because people commonly do not realize that they are singing and moving their body while listening to the music. Just remember to use headphone in the right place and the right time.

Bluetooth Headphones for Running

Tips To Buy Workout Headphones

There are some tips before you make any purchase of workout headphones. Firstly, think about what exercises that you usually do and how much time you spend for it. Especially if you often to spend time in the water for working out, swimming and diving for instance, so then waterproof headphones for working out is the best choice for you.

Secondly, think about how much you are getting sweat when you do any exercise. If you do have lots of sweat while working out, then you need workout headphones which can handle perspiration very well. So then sweat proof headphone must be the perfect type you choose as the headphone which will always accompany you while working.

Fourthly, always remember to evaluate its durability.  If you often do great movement during exercisings, such as the treadmill or rough terrain for instance, then you must need workout headphones that its pair of loudspeakers will always stay put.

Even though mostly workout headphone are designed not to fall from your ears while wearing it, but still there are many options of workout headphones that are designed depends on what is your workout. Neckband workout headphones can be the perfect choice because it will stay and last longest during your intense training.

Fifthly, look for headphones with the right weight. Do not make any wrong choice buying big headphones because of its cute design and colors. It is better to find the lightest pair of workout headphones. It will make you feel comfortable while working out rather than the heavy one.

Last but not least is that pick headphones that meet to your personality and body. Before you buy, try to wear it and make any movement. Make sure that it is fit for you, so it is not going to disturb your workout.

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